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If I am working I can't reply - I am NOT ignoring you... Unless I am! ha ha ha :-)
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O mnie
Refugee from RG, looking for a decent game site (if anyone knows of one!! ;-) )
The usual - friends, family, socialising, music, reading... Swimming, the garden and F1, especially if LH loses! :-)
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Matrix, LOTR, Grease, Dirty Dancing, The Sting
Ulubiona muzyka
Morrissey/Smiths (obviously...) Punk/New Wave/Alternative heading to Indie/Rock and more middle of the road over time...
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Very cliched but To Kill a Mocking Bird... These days it's more popular fiction, nice and easy page turners... psychological thrillers, Lee Child, John Grisham
Co lubię
Laughing, new things, interesting and unique people - who wants to be the same as everyone else?
Czego nie lubię
Lies, bad manners, stupidity ( Lost cause there...ha ha), and lies :-)

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